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IBE Graduate of 2008 Denis Yartsev came to Alma-Mater to talk with Seniors

It was great event in February 2 at IBE — it’s Graduate of 2008 Denis Yartsev came to talk with IBE Seniors.
The main purpose of his visit was to share own experience, to give some good and useful advice to students who are very close to the end of study. How «to sell yourself» on the labor market, how to make a very informative CV about yourself and how to be well prepaid for professional interview. Denis was employed at BP, Marketing department since 2008 (just after graduation) and now he is going to work at Land Rover Company. Denis is a very successfull in career development and no doupt he can advice to youngest «collegues» the best from his own story. Denis is very charismatic, he can easily motivate anyone arounf him. His reputaton among of IBE society is very high, his positive life and professional attitude is the main base for his success in the future as well.
Good luck, Denis and thank you!
Ярцев Д.В.

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