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IBE traditions

Institute of International Business Education has their own traditions which students and faculty value very much. There are standing traditions such as Convocation Ceremony for IBE Freshmen, New Year Ball, Annual Career Day, Commencement Ceremony, and Corporate Picnic.

Convocation Ceremony

Convocation ceremony refer to a formal ceremony in which arriving freshmen overcome their first difficulty and fulfilled a special task. They should act a small play or sketch. This task brings freshmen together and helps each student to feel as part of a team.

IBE T-shirts for freshmen Sketch
IBE T-shirts for each freshman Students put on sketch
Annual Career Day

Since 1998 many leading Russian and foreing companies took part in the IBE Annual Career Day: Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, BP, American Express, Marriott, Volvo, Coleman Services, Pepsi, Metro Cash & Carry, Kelly Services, NT-MDT, Sun Interbrew, Kraft Foods, Henkel, Chipita, VTB-24, Motorola, etc.

New Year Ball

New Year Ball also has their regular habits. One of them is Traditional «Moroskar» award ceremony. IBE creates their own nominations, chooses candidates, and presents nice gifts.

L. Yakovleva's congratulation Moroskar award ceremony Congratulation from students Salute New Year's tree
Rector L. Yakovleva congratulates IBE team Moroskar award ceremony New Year’s story from students Salute New Year’s tree
Corporate Picnic

Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006 Picnic 2006
Commencement Ceremony

Commencement is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree. IBE graduates always wear academic dress, and increasingly faculty do the same. IBE has traditions associated with the Commencement ceremony. One of them is the throwing of mortarboards in the air. Annually best IBE graduate student gets a grant for free MBA program in Tulsa University.

Faculty Graduates
Rector L.Yakovleva and faculty Graduates of the Second higher education program


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